Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blogging from the blackberry. The world is over...

- Ivan

Friday, May 14, 2010

Stuff worth watching...

Every so often, I find something that makes me giggle like a school girl. Enjoy. HAHAH




Welcome Home

- Paradise. Or so it seems...

I don't want to seem ungrateful. AT ALL

I'm just not a fan of this place... but before you can understand that, I'll start from the beginning.

New York didn't work out quite as planned. A mixture of unfortunate incidents made in nearly impossible to stay. Yes, we probably could have fought a little harder, but who were we kidding? We realized that it didn't matter what others thought, we had nothing to prove. We did our best. Our job situation was horrible, our apartment was tiny (which had nothing else been wrong, this would have been ok. Seriously. ) Rosie passing away, and the way it happened... Anyway, I needed to leave. Cassie went home for Christmas and never came back ... me and Jaman spent a few quite days, and then we got the hell out of dodge...

Onto Savy Sav. C-Port... back to Savannah.

This was a tough one. Destin or Savannah... (based on our current location, the choice seemed obvious) We decided we would try out Savannah. Well, I did, Jaman just came (he's not a big fan of Savannah)

...We should have known not to listen to me. All Savannah did was depress me even more.

So we left, we talked with my parents, and we collectively decided to move back home.


We move to Destin, with thoughts of banking this summer, spending time with our Florida friends, seeing my parents and then move to San Diego.

Simple right? Easy summer, beaches, boats and all that jazz.

Fuck that. You didn't think it was going to be easy did you?

We are here for two days. My niece gets diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma (a rare infant cancer) and the largest oil spill happens on the gulf coast.

For real?

This oil spill has sent everyone in a panic. Tourist have canceled reservations, restaurants aren't hiring...things really could not get any worse.

At the same time. DJ has a runny house, she seems tired...she's got a cold.

Wrong. She goes from a cold to pneumonia to full blown cancer within a week.

Our worlds have been turned upside down.


I'm back.

better than ever.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Welcome to New York City

Hello world.

Hello New York City.

I made it.

I live in the most amazing city in the world.


I want to start of by saying that, yes, I am in NYC and yes, I am living the dream and blah blah blah. This is something that I have been wanting for the better part of my life, and finally I made it. I did it. I finally did something for myself, on my own, with two of the most amazing people I know. So yes, I am proud of myself and trust me, I'll never forget that...

But let's look at the real deal.

I am one of the millions that call this place home.

I like to be center of attention, and surprise, surprise, it's not happening here.

I am somewhat not OK with that...

I am pretty sure I have an anxiety problem, and its not a big deal. I realize that I am not going to find my "niche" overnight. Really, I've been here 20 days. It took Carrie Brandshaw 3 years just to find an apartment... [=)]. Still its all a bit daunting, a bit intimidating...

Really, I just want to join those millions that walk with a purpose, while I get lost in the shuffle.

Please no take this the wrong way. I love it here, and probably never leaving...

I just got to get it together...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Le sigh


What to say about Michigan State's loss.

Before I get into the game, I have to say how irresponsible the press prelude to this game was. The state of Michigan's economic woe could not have been solved by a Spartan victory last night. To try and put the fate of Michigan's fiscal stability on the shoulders of 19 year old communications majors is unjust to both MSU players who don't need that extra psych-out but also deflects responsibility away from the idiotcrats who deserve it. Additionally, as a lifelong Spartan fan, I can safely say that most of metro Detroit could not give a shit less about MSU during football season but come March Madness all of a sudden everyone is a Spartan fan.

Back to the game...

UNC did what they always do. They got their run and they ran with it. MSU failed to do what it's good at- controlling the pace, slowing down, taking their time and doing it right. Last night they tried to play UNC's quick, cutting game. They couldn't do it; they quickly got flustered and made foolish mistakes.

For his part, Tom Izzo again proved himself. Whatever he said at the half registered- MSU came out stronger and harder. But the gap was too big and Carolina was too ready.

Readiness may well be the theme of this National Championship. UNC's squad was ready with five senior starters fresh off a devastating Championship loss last year. Izzo's Spartans were young and unprepared for the level of basketball drama. But Tom Izzo is playing chess- building his squad, making his move slowly.

Bottom line: they'll be back.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Identity Crisis

So here's whats up.

I have fallen victim to the identity theft game. Yes. Its true. Someone has robbed me of my social security number, created bunk accounts, fraudulently accepted services and health care - using all of my information. The long and short of it is that I'm fucked. Nearly two years ago, I was robbed. I was approached in the parking lot, of a well lit gas station, by an old man wearing a trench coat. Here is the dialogue we exchanged:

"Can I have your purse?" -- Robber.
"Ha..Ha.." -- Me, the fool.
"No. Really." -- Robber.

This man was old enough to be my grandfather and looked mostly harmless. Sadly, I'm always expecting to be raped, attacked, shot, stabbed and die - thus, I was worried he came with weapons. He was calm. I thought he was joking. I laughed. He wasn't joking. I gave him my bag of bullshit and left. I immediately canceled my credit cards and thought all was good in the hood. Turns out, my social security card was in said wallet.

Today, only after receiving checks and a debit card from a bank that has now frozen my accounts so hard that they will not even talk to to me on the phone, for fear that I am Rachel #2 (the perpetrator). The little advice/information they did extend to me was that I need to fetch them a original birth certificate, a new social security card and my most recent tax return. Sadly. I've lost my social security card (like an idiot), only have a copy of my birth certificate and need one or the other to get the valid replacements of either.

In addition to the fuckery that TCF Bank (The Cunt Factory as I have now deemed the institution) is throwing my way, I got served. Yes. Served.

Harmless, older man comes to the door looking as any other salesmen would. This man did not offer lawn services or religious documents - he had a "request and right for garnishment" court document. The document stated that I was to pay $3,500 to some law firm, excluding attorney fees and other miscellaneous fines for a defaulted account. Turns out if you don't hand it to them, they'll come and take it from you. Nice.

Upon close review of this document, I realized that the bank it was going to was not the bank I'd had my one and ONLY credit account with. It was a different bank, account number and amount.

The best part of all of this is that I've been paying on this account for the last 10 months. Because it was another Capital One account, I'd neglected to check for my original account number each billing period. What does this all mean? I've now defaulted on my account, leaving a legitimate $400 dollar debt to my actual name, with an additional $3500 one that the other Rachel Hogan opened up. I'm an idiot.

At this time, it seemed wise to check my credit report. I now have 4 open accounts. ONE OF WHICH I ACTUALLY OPENED. My bank account has now been closed and the bank has "absorbed" my savings. I have a solid 517 credit score and have an appointment with a lawyer on the 3rd.

As though bad doesn't always get worse for me, I began bartending again on Monday. My first table sat for 4 hours, drank water, used 4 extra chairs for coat storage (elimainating the other potential table I might get) and had a bill of $24. He paid with a credit card. My tip? Oh, I was left with a business style card reading:

"I didn't leave a tip. This wasn't because the service was bad, but because you failed to check my ID. The back of my credit card said "see ID". Tell your co-workers."

If you need me, I'll be at home, pissed. I'll be alone, broke - researching identity theft, waiting for my court date and listening to "the sun will come out tomorrow" - by Annie.
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