Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just because I'm gay

... and really I hate that husband stealing anorexic mess of a woman.

Anyway so Jennifer Aniston is on the cover of GQ and she looks fabulous. Suck it Perez!

She looks amazing...4o? No way, The funny thing is that the cover says "is it just us or is Jennifer Aniston is getting hotter" She's been pretty hot all along I say.I will say that her chin looks pretty photoshopped. (it looks a bit like my chin does in my intro pic) But whatever, Photoshop only enhances what you already have.

Anyway here a few more pics, and if you really wanna read the article point it here...


So Adorable!!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Sarah Palin is a granny...

Sarah Palin's Daughter Gives birth to the Antichrist boy

(I thought she gave back all her clothes that she purchased at the pricey stores)

Jesus... How in the world did the "Grand Ole' Party" ever think it was okay to put this woman in office. Not only is she just plain not right in the head. She is totally not prepared to even manage a state, let alone a country, let alone the country I pay taxes to live in, but now her 17 year old unwed, non virgin, moron of a daughter has had a baby! Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston...what is up with these people and long ass names... Anyway, I love a scandal and this is just grand!

Sex, Lies, Republicans, I smell a lifetime movie!

Go preach it somewhere else sista' you no longer have any credibility...

( in case you had any when we first met you)

Update on the explosion

I'm not really sure why I can't embed this video...

But power has been restored. Businesses have re-opened and it looks like it's back to work tomorrow.

click on here to watch the latest installment in the saga that is Savannah.

Explosions and Savannah

Another one. Our first day back, and what do we see when we get to work?


1. No power
2. No work.
3. An explosion underground that has caused a power outage maybe until tomorrow morning.

what a fabulous way to start the day.

Seriously? Really? God!

for some reason, its not letting me upload any videos... anyway, when I figure it out I'll put some up there.

Here is some links if you want to read about our welcome home present!

Associated Press

Fox Carolina

WTOC Savannah

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I can't even to tell you how excited I was to see the Talmadge Bridge.

(Then I was really concerned about thinking that previous thought)

What a vacation. =). I indeed had a blast. Except for I fell off the Vegetarian wagon, I gained about 10 pounds of deliciousness that is home cooking. And I am flat broke.


That is really what a vacation is all about.

I already blogged about NYC, which I can't say enough how fucking amazing it was.
I am in ♥

So lets chat a bit about Norwalk. I had an AMAZING time in Norwalk. I saw my future retirement. Not exactly Norwalk, but it will be up in the north east coast. Maine is my ideal. The boats, the water, the cold, the lighthouses. A Nicholas Sparks' novel... if you catch my drift!

After Norwalk and surrounding areas, we continued our trip to
the mitten. The drive itself was horrendous, ha, New York is not the best state to drive through from point to point, it was frigid, long and kind of boring. Once out of NY, we went through Pennsylvania and Ohio...really those two were a bit boring also. Once in Michigan, we were basically in Detroit!!! Which made the rest of the drive seem short.

Detroit was everything we expected it to be, we got fucked up!! Thank you Doyles. The Cuttys were pretty much amazing and we met some amazing people and everyone showed us a good time.

We went into Detroit, I was shocked at the city and the mess. Such a beautiful city, amazing architecture, amazing, amazing, except for the lack of care. God if I had billions and billions what I would do!

This picture below is of the Michigan Central Station. Back in the day, it was the center of all. Now, its a hot shitty mess. Click here to see the inside of the building, the rooms, the interior,
its sick how beautiful it is. It would make the most
awesome apartment building.

Anyway, we are so glad to be home, to see our Rosie Mae and just to be in our own beds.

What a fucking wonderful time we had.

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Its been quiet...

Get ready for the New Year.

09... The shit is going down!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My day in NYC.

I ventured into the ever so fabulous city of New York yesterday and let me say, I had one of the most amazing days of my life. Originally the plan called for Carolina, Callie and I to travel into the city together but I went alone. Due to the fact that we are sort of procrastinators, and our Christmas shopping was yet to be complete, they stayed behind in Norwalk (CT) and I took the train into Grand Central Station to finish my shopping.

OK, so let me start from the beginning.

I came out of Grand Central and walked out into Madison Ave. and some numbered cross street, and my first thought was... oh... fuck... I am literally in a city of 8,274,527 people and I have no effin idea where I was or where I was going... So I just started walking... I walked for about 3 blocks and then decided to hail a taxi. I threw my arm in the air and immediately a cab pulled up...right off, I started to feel a lot better. I told my very handsome cab driver "Broadway and Canal" and off I went... 16 dollars and 50 cents later I was dropped off at what seemed to a different world. I was in Chinatown!

Let me just say I must have been Jewish in my past life. (sorry Dan) I am one of the cheapest people I know, and really had I bought a map of NYC, I could have saved a couple bucks and walked. I mean I have legs and they work... I should have walked.

Anyway, I was shocked, shocked at all the people, at all the stands and at all the stuff for sale, etc. My first thought was to jump up and down and scream, but I looked way too fabulous to be looking like some idiot jumping up and down. So I started to shop... I went from post to post and saw some of the most amazing scarves, hats and other nick knacks that are really useless. I refrained. I had one purpose, and that was to get the stuff on my list and get out. I needed to get a purse, some earrings and something for myself. (LOL). At first, these Africans started asking me..."what do you want, what can I can I get you, blah blah" I got scared and I just started to walk really fast like a little pussy. I mean really, they where just trying to offer me some Lois or Gucci...but I didn't feel like doing all that in the open... ( I read about all the busts and stuff)...
So I go into this little shop with somewhat cute purses, I was ready to walk out, when I remembered some advice I read. I got on my ce
ll phone and pretended to make a call, I talked about needing to find a coach or something more exclusive. Then I heard the magic words... "you want Louis, Fendi, Prada, Versace? I said, while looking around, yes, yes of course... she then made me follow her into a Chinese type of fast food joint, we went to the back room, up the stairs and to a huge room, filled with purses, sunglasses, jewelry... the most fabulous knock offs I've ever seen. I gasped and like a little girl, laughed and proudly pointed at the gorgeous Versace Cassie will soon be rocking...and my Versace, brand new glasses...that speaking off, someone was wearing on TV last night. lol... anyway, I gave her the money, after successfully lowering the asking price, and came out not the way I came in. Ahhhh... It's tough being fabulous.

After that, I walked and walked and walked all the way to Central Park, I passed by some of the most amazing window displays I've ever seen, by st
ores that only existed in magazines, the most beautiful people and the most life in one place I've seen in a while. I was home! And I realized something important... really important... I can make it alone. I've always been afraid of changes and being alone, being afraid to move on. This move can't happen soon enough. I am taking over this city. New York needs me, it needs us, We need New York to prove the world that we indeed are fucking Fabulous

So thank you New York, for making me realize that above all the pretty jewelry and fabulous clothes I saw, you gave me something more.

Oh and just to mention, I got asked for directions... someone, came up to me and asked ME for directions. I ♥ New York~

If I was not sure about moving to NYC... I am now.

Hello, Hello

Hello blog world. If you haven't already noticed, this is my pioneering post here on Blogspot (or any other blogging site for that matter). My name is Rachel, I'm from Michigan -- I'd like to say Detroit but lets face it, I'm from a medium sized suburban area, with 13 McDonald's placed a block apart, well-lit gas stations at nearly every corner and approximately 8 delightfully competitive drug stores within safe walking distance. What does this equal? -- Very little to get riled up about. Typically, I am in no immediate danger while lurking around my pleasant little neighborhood, unless that which is the chaos of my life sets in. Carrying on - I love writing, I am unemployeed, I have perpetual bad karma and have a laundry list of Phobias which vary in severity.

Cassandra suggested that because of the hectic life I live, it would be nice to share the spectical that is my life with those who read this blog. I accepted this invitation with open arms and am excited to share the what-have-you's of my existance. Sadly, I am not nearly as well versed as Ivan, Cassandra or Dan the Man when it comes to politics and the ways of the world. What I can say is that I don't agree with a lot of it, think things could be going much better, feel like maybe the world is playing a sick game that provides under qualified jerks with authority and furthermore allows these same idiots to occupy powerful hot seats for far to long, and last but not least - that if myself and a few of my brilliant friends (including those who contribute to this blog) were in charge - things would be fabulous! ((I'm kind of joking))

Something I am passionate about ---
www.savetheelephants.org/ or www.aspca.org/
(I watched the horrible Sarah Mclachlan animal cruelty video which just when I thought it could not get anymore depressing, the aired the Christmas version - http://searchbeta.playlist.com/tracks#sarah%20mclachlan/2

At any rate, what I will attempt to provide readers with is some comedic relief. I enjoy laughing at myself and typically try to look for the humor in everything.

And that sums up my introduction!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Detroit Free Press

My home-town news publication The Detroit Free Press because of the imminent industry crisis, has had to cut its daily delivery service to Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. However, they are adding a daily web version, delivered conveniently to subscriber's e-mail, laid out in the traditional newsprint style.
Although I miss the idea of being able to read the paper every day at my mom's, I would rather see the freep (the paper, as it's affectionately known) survive financial crisis than ultimitely go bankrupt.

So I wrote a letter to the editor and they published it. Read the haterade on the freep website here.

As a recent college graduate trying to make sense of my crumbling home state, I applaud the Free Press' recent changes. I have no doubt, having now traveled the country reading far less intellectual and hard-hitting publications, that these changes will allow you to survive this turmoil.
I understand a measure of anger from older readers who have less access to computers. However, it has become plain in recent years that computer and digital technology are the way of the future. Just as my generation and children younger than I have to cope with a deteriorating world shaped largely by generations of political and economic decisions made before our birth, so too must the elder generations keep up with the emerging technological world.

Cassandra Bogue

Savannah, Ga.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Eat to live

This is a fabulous website. It allows you to input everything you eat throughout a day, all the activities you do (and I do mean all) and it calculates your nutrient intake, energy balance, caloric/fat intake and assesses them against the USDA standards. It's totally fascinating. Furthermore, because you create a username and password, it saves previous entries and charts your progress.

These days I'm becoming a nutrition freak. For those similarly-obsessed this site is a must-have.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Here we go...

The Car Czar.

I like it.
It should be
"Ivan the Fabulous"

I think Speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi is going somewhere with her "barber shop/haircut" theory. Except, personally, I think that the scumbags need to get their heads shaved!

Let me catch you up in a short sweet way,

So the "US Big Three" (G.M, Ford and Chrysler) head to DC to talk beg Congressmen/women into give them (well, its really the tax payers money) 30 billion dollars. They need the money in order to keep them open for business.

Apparently they also needed to fly to DC in private jets. You'd think, basically, on their way to beg for money because its either that or chapter 7/11, that the would maybe all jump in one private jet? Much less a (gasp) car!
So basically congress has told them that there is absolutely no way they are getting so much money. Second of all conditions would apply. For example more fuel efficient cars, hybrids, electrics, and better fuel emissions. The Big 3 (pictured right) even agreed to a pay cut. They would go from their unreported millions of dollars a year to a one (1) million (much less glamorous [ugh]) salary.

To me, this is hogwash.

I say, fire all three.

Take the last 25 years, Ford, Chrysler and G.M have managed to turn an industry that was started for transportation, comfort, availability into a mess of debt, greed, manipulation, and greed. (ha ha). Look at Nissan, Toyota... 100 mpg car? yup, in production from a car industry that seems to care. Now, I fully believe that in all areas of this world, people are trying to make money, hell, even me! But the difference seems to be that The Big Japanese 3 understand what The Big American 3 don't. The ability to keep your customers and keeping up with the demand of "greener, affordable living". Nissan, Toyota and the others are actually doing quite well.

I wonder why!

Anyway, so basically nothing has been resolved. They are still wasting money, energy, resources trying to figure a solution for this mess. As of now, they are re-thinking of a 15 billion dollar bailout, and the 3 pricks drove in hybrids this time. Time will tell, until then...

Here's a solution.

Fire the creeps.
Elect a Car Czar (Ivan the fabulous).
Monitor every single transaction made over a million dollars.
Stop the production of Hummers, Escalades, Yukons, and those other crazy sized SUVs.
Use all the above for scrap metal to build fuel efficient cars.
Make lenders be more weary of lending money.
Heaven sakes, lower the interest rates.

I think that's enough,

I'm just saying.

Monday, December 8, 2008

The world has gone mad... Plain and simple.

Let me catch you guys up. I haven't blogged in a while... I recently had issues with my computer "accepting" Windows Vista into it. (We all know how ridiculous my laptop is) I still have no sound, and I haven't been on it that much.

Anyway, So with that being said, I've been watching a lot of t.v., especially MSNBC. I find it a bit liberal sometimes, but it's the closet news channel that I can associate myself with. Anyway, I've seen some crazy shit to say the least.

Humans are being injected with microchips...and not for medical purposes. ???????

Some skeezer wants a ten (10) million (MILLION) dollar end of 2008 bonus. ???????

The 2012 trailer... (uh huh... a movie about it). ???????

The 15 billion dollar car bail out proposal. (It makes a bit a of sense) (well, "immediate sense", if you catch my drift)

Let's take it day by day...lets talk about the trailer for 2012, Because I am stoked! (and tired)

can we just say that this simply looks amazing to me. Fabulous.

First of, I am just a huge fan of disaster movies. I do...
Second, I am super interested/amazed/scared/stoked about this 2012 ordeal

I ♥ it

The only I problem I have is casting Amanda Peet. Really?

I just don't know what I feel about her....

Till tomorrow!

Bro Time

Dear Bloggers,

In this horrible economy that grinds our gears day in and day out nowadays, how's a bro supposed to get ahead? Well if you know the answer comment on this post, because I've been searching for that my whole life. Please don't suggest selling drugs or prostitution, although they are time tested no work jobs, they really aren't my slices of pie, and I don't feel like spending anytime in jail.

Today was possibly a turning point for me. I came to a realization while I was serving a table of six typical southerners that I just don't care that their bun was touching a pickle and they specifically asked for no pickle. I don't care that they wanted mashed potatoes as a side order. I don't FUCKING care! Don't get me wrong, I know we all have bad days; I've had quite a few. Serving tables is not my passion by any means. Honestly, I know what I could be doing for the rest of my life if someone only gave me the chance. I want to be on a film set. If I could get paid to work on a film set, doing anything, I would be happy. I don't want to get coffee for someone, but if that's what I have to do to get ahead I will but only to get ahead, because that still falls into the "serving others" category that I loathe so much.

That's my gripe. Let me know if you have any comments, by commenting...

Good day America

Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Letter from a concerned fan...

Dear Studio Executives,

I admit that when it first came to my HBO P.S. I Love You intrigued me slightly. The death premise, quirky friends and hot guy from 300 all seemed initially promising. However, it turns out the casting was all wrong.
Hillary Swank? What can I say...I'm not sure if she was too crispy, dykey or old. The guy from 300 (a Gerard Butler, I'm told) was so incredibly hot that once you knew he was dead, there was no good ending. Especially once you find out Harry Connick Jr. is Guy Number 2. Frankly, we shut it off.
However, my associates and I agreed that with a few simple casting changes we totally would've finished watching the movie. Someone younger and more vulnerable- preferably Mandy Moore- is much more watchable. That awkward karaoke scene? No longer awkward!
Also, if you're going to kill a character off and then integrate him as the Witty Presence from The Afterlife he doesn't need to be that good looking. Someone like Zach Braff or Jesse Bradford if you're on a budget.
On that same note, Guy Number 2 should always be hotter than Guy Number 1 if and only if Guy Number 1 is dead and therefore no longer a tangible possibility for Happily Ever After.
Now, if your initial target demographic for this feature was 16-24 then a nice James Franco or Zach Ephron would've worked. If you were gunning for those 25-36 year olds then Ryan Reynolds or Charlie Hunnam would've both been safe bets. Sexy goes a looong way toward overcoming grief. But Harry Connick Jr.? We were sickened.

I hope whoever receives this letter considers it thoughtfully. I'm quite sure further focus group research would confirm what I've said here. Take care to make better movies and if any facsimile of the aforementioned described film (perhaps under the clever-but-not-too-pretentious-title P.S. I Love You Too) should appear, I shall be forced to proceed with legal action.

Yours sincerely,

Cassandra O. Bogue

Bro Time

Well it's been awhile, but Bro Time is back with another gripping tale of victory, greedy screen actors, and the crowning of a life lost.

Let me first begin with the gripping tale of victory, as the Steelers played host to their longtime rivals the Dallas Cowboys. These two teams have squared off in the Super Bowl 3 times, Pittsburgh having the upperhand 2-1. The game began slow, as far as offense goes. At the half the teams were tied at 3. Then Dallas finds a way to get ahead 13-3 in the third quarter, but the Steelers used momentum from the defense to eventually grind out a touchdown, and within 24 seconds of gameplay the defense intercepted and ran it in for a second touchdown that went on to seal the win for them, making their record 10-3.

The Screen Actors Guild is calling all members together to decide if they want to go on strike when their current contract expires with Hollywood moguls. One problem with the SAG's plan to strike is the major issue of the economy. How can the Screen Actors ask for better contracts when the economy is in shambles? If they do decide to go on strike, it would be before the Academy Awards on February 22nd, so that the strike would disrupt the event. Many SAG members have publicly criticized the Guild for asking so much, including Danny Devito, Rhea Perlman, and former SAG prexy Richard Masur.

Down under, the Australian Film Institute bestowed the late Heath Ledger with the international award for actor. His work in The Dark Knight, out this Tuesday on DVD, won him the award. Heath is expected to be up for Best Actor at the Academy Awards in February. I watched the film about a week ago and I'm still amazed at how talented of an actor he was. I wish I could have been on set to see him between takes staying in character. I'm not even a real fan of Batman movies, comic books and stuff kinda bore me, but The Dark Knight wasn't even a batman movie, the show was stolen by Heath Ledger who created one of the most terrifying creatures in recent film history with his role.

That's it for Bro Time, Balls yeah!

- Dan

Thursday, December 4, 2008


last night we had veat chik'n free nuggets, we made them in the oven and had them with a homemade honey mustard dipping sauce.

You know they weren't really that bad...

I'm totally buy this product again, I've read some great recipes and really, for any recipe that calls for chicken you can totally use this instead.

Here's what we had


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The great gays

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

effin flawless.


Logos for the website

Finally... I am getting a little progess on www.goingfabulous.com

Thanks to Callie (Vinson) I finally have the logos up for the website.

Here they are.

Monday, December 1, 2008


According to Urban Dictionary Bromance describes the complicated love and affection shared by two straight males.


we have a term for that? Are you serious???

Not only will it probably be in Websters in a couple of years, but good ole' Brody Jenner has even managed to get a tv show based on this ridiculous concept of love between "real straight men".

But its not a reality show like "Laguna", "Hills", or the new one..."The City", its kind of like "A shot of love with Tila Tequila"

let me explain,

So, Brody has a group of dudes come to his (or someone's) house to compete for his , well "love". He has the weekly eliminations, but they take place in the hot tub...very a la Paris! When the dudes are eliminated they are sent home in their wet trunks and suitcases.
Oh and he totally goes on group or solo dates with these guys...(dates are won during the challenges)

This is gay, even to gay for me...

God knows I love me some Brody and reality tv. But, for the sake of this blog and the sake of pop culture, I will watch and become a devoted follower...the least I could do for mankind.

Click the tittle, read the full article....even if just for a good laugh!
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