Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Le sigh


What to say about Michigan State's loss.

Before I get into the game, I have to say how irresponsible the press prelude to this game was. The state of Michigan's economic woe could not have been solved by a Spartan victory last night. To try and put the fate of Michigan's fiscal stability on the shoulders of 19 year old communications majors is unjust to both MSU players who don't need that extra psych-out but also deflects responsibility away from the idiotcrats who deserve it. Additionally, as a lifelong Spartan fan, I can safely say that most of metro Detroit could not give a shit less about MSU during football season but come March Madness all of a sudden everyone is a Spartan fan.

Back to the game...

UNC did what they always do. They got their run and they ran with it. MSU failed to do what it's good at- controlling the pace, slowing down, taking their time and doing it right. Last night they tried to play UNC's quick, cutting game. They couldn't do it; they quickly got flustered and made foolish mistakes.

For his part, Tom Izzo again proved himself. Whatever he said at the half registered- MSU came out stronger and harder. But the gap was too big and Carolina was too ready.

Readiness may well be the theme of this National Championship. UNC's squad was ready with five senior starters fresh off a devastating Championship loss last year. Izzo's Spartans were young and unprepared for the level of basketball drama. But Tom Izzo is playing chess- building his squad, making his move slowly.

Bottom line: they'll be back.
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