Saturday, January 24, 2009

The New Pres.

The airwaves have been crazy with talk about newly elected president Barack Hussein Obama. Frankly I don't understand... why not give him the benefit of the doubt? Seriously, with all the respect to Bush and his family, things somewhere along the lines, in the last 6 years, alot got real messed up. Who cares...let it go, lets not blame fingers anymore. Let's worry about re-building this economy, so we too can have a chance at being successful. If we keep harping on about things that happened and all that crap, we're just gonna sink deeper and deeper...So I promise, I take a vow to never bring up the shit that Bush put us through. (the hunger, the financial ruins, the recession) Et cetera Et cetera....

ok, so not really...

Omaba has some good stuff to say... I say to all the non believers. let the republican democrat crap go! let focus on some other stuff besides labels and shit.

It is time for a change.

so what do you think?

you can call that man anything you want, say whatever you want, but you can't deny that he is right!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Goodbye George. Thanks for the last 8 years.


Need I say more.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Why on earth is the inauguration costing so much!

So far...160 million

  • Bush has declared a State of Emergency in order to pay for the security during the inauguration.
  • A full 90 percent of donations to fund Barack Obama’s Jan. 20 inauguration have come from well-heeled fundraisers — including Wall Street executives whose companies have received federal bailout money.
  • 15 million were taken out of the money from the "bailout" loan

God. I can't believe how much money they are spending on this. I get it. Everyone is excited, I am so super excited, but America doesn't have this kind of money, Companies are begging congress to "borrow, draw, create, etc" money just to stay afloat. America is borrowing money from other countries, sinking in such debt that some Americas fear retaliation may be coming from pissed off countries.
I know, that aside from the 15 million dollars, the rest are donations*. But still, can't those people "donate" that to help the country they live in? I don't know, maybe because I'm "living" in this recession, I realize how this is affecting the everyday person. We don't have money to pay our credit card bills, much less donate to a party.
Further more. I am ashamed that Obama would even let this happen. I mean he is a politician, and honestly, I think both parties have showed us plenty of reasons to distrust. Sometimes I want to believe that he will do everything he is promising...


Still... I have my fingers crossed and I am praying that something happens to where we just learn to live. Learn to get along, stop making wars about bullshit and please god, to not let bitches like Ann Coulter speak in public.

I'm just saying.

is an awesome website that gives you access to view how much people have donated and to which particular party)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The world's first flying car...

The shit is serious.

The Terrafugia Transition, a car/airplane contraption that can transform itself in 15 seconds, is the worlds first flying car.

Digest that really quick, come back to me when you re read that...


Its not exactly what we all think it could be, but its damn close. I did a little bit of research, and found that no actual flight test has happen. A lot of computer generated images and videos, but still... its kind of creepy.

According to reports, a small American company in Woburn, Massachusetts has built the first prototype of the flying car, the Terrafugia. Since the beginning of the production of the car, talk about flying cars have been circulating through everywhere, except this time it seems pretty damn real. Already have ten have been reserved. The sticker price is 200,000.00 which is steep for a car, but its on the cheap for a plane. All you need is 10,000.00 to reserve one and they will be shipped to you in 2010 then you pay the rest.

lets talk about the actual car/plane the whole concept is easy, the owner will drive from his garage to the airport, where he or she will flip the switch and the car will convert into a personable flying machine that will go within 100-500 miles. All on one premium unleaded tank of gas. The concept is met with some skepticism, especially for the fact that it has to be completely compliant with air and auto regulations.

Here is a video update.

The guy is kind of boring, but its pretty interesting.

Regardless of how crazy this seems, its still very realistically possible, and that to me is the scariest thing.
Technology is slowly creeping faster than we can keep up with. One day, man will build a computerized object or some shit and will loose control, and all shit will hit the fan.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thank God for a funny cow.

So in this time of sadness and shit, I am ever so glad that simple things in life make me laugh.

For example the California happy cows! I love them! I want them all!!!!

This one is my favorite.

The New York Times... selling ad space on the front page of the world recognized publication.

Times are tough...

The first sold ad space appeared in today's edition. CBS purchased the ad for an undisclosed amount.

The porn stars want a bailout...(adult content)

Sitting on the couch this morning, I was flipping through the news channels and stopped at CNN... And guess what? Larry Flynt wants a bailout.

Apparently, Mr Flint and fellow sleaze ball Girls Gone Wild producer Joe Francis (who just got out of prison) want a 5 billion dollar bailout to... bail out the porn industry. They say they are not in any immediate danger...but they are just trying to cover themselves if anything were to change. Wait a minute, lets rewind... 5 billion dollars for what? they say that, and I quote Larry Flint "It's time for Congress to rejuvenate the sexual appetite of America. The only way they can do this is by supporting the adult industry and doing it quickly."

Can't they just have sex...?

These people have nothing better to do than to spend money to go lobby in DC and ask for billions.

Oh, I'm sorry assholes, How, during this ridiculous time of poorness and war, and killings, and insanity, in this time of uncertainty... how could they have forgotten about those scum bags?


So the banks of the great America got one. The car people begged and begged and got one, finally. I understood, I got why the government gave so much money to the car manufactures, there would be no way in hell that this country could survive if so many people became unemployed. I also think that, for the most part, America thinks like me. (well, I like to tell myself that)

So while I was sitting, listening to this charade, this insanity... I wonder, no one in their right mind can be taking this shit seriously!

Now, let me say this. I am a big fan of porn. gay, bi, straight porn, whatever. It is entertainment, and I know, that by far I am not the only porn lover out there. So, I'm not knocking this industry out...I am just frustrated at these rich tool bags!

Basically, here is my frustration.

Everyone is in a tiff right now. Nothing is okay and everyone is hurting. BUT. Why can't normal people get one? How about we bail out the people that are loosing homes, that can't put food on the table, that can't even buy diapers for their children...

Oh I know why we can't bail them out... We are too fucking busy bailing out companies that need financial help in order to keep the private jets and the vacation homes.

So Mr. Flynt and Mr. Francis want help in order to keep and maintain the lifestyles they currently live. Really, they should be asking the government to help those people that they depend on, the ones that look at porn. How about that assholes?
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