Monday, September 21, 2009

Welcome to New York City

Hello world.

Hello New York City.

I made it.

I live in the most amazing city in the world.


I want to start of by saying that, yes, I am in NYC and yes, I am living the dream and blah blah blah. This is something that I have been wanting for the better part of my life, and finally I made it. I did it. I finally did something for myself, on my own, with two of the most amazing people I know. So yes, I am proud of myself and trust me, I'll never forget that...

But let's look at the real deal.

I am one of the millions that call this place home.

I like to be center of attention, and surprise, surprise, it's not happening here.

I am somewhat not OK with that...

I am pretty sure I have an anxiety problem, and its not a big deal. I realize that I am not going to find my "niche" overnight. Really, I've been here 20 days. It took Carrie Brandshaw 3 years just to find an apartment... [=)]. Still its all a bit daunting, a bit intimidating...

Really, I just want to join those millions that walk with a purpose, while I get lost in the shuffle.

Please no take this the wrong way. I love it here, and probably never leaving...

I just got to get it together...
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